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نبذة عن الشركة العربية المتحدة لنقل الكيماويات 


United Arab Chemical Carriers diverse portfolio enables us to provide safe, high-quality services in all areas of bulk-liquid logistics, storage and the distribution of bulk liquids and chemicals.

We leverage our knowledge and experience within and across these industries to deliver local and global solutions for our customers and generate value for our stakeholders.


UACC Tankers

United Arab Chemical Carriers Tankers operates the world’s largest fleet of chemical tankers, providing safe, reliable and high-quality global transportation services for bulk-liquid chemicals, edible oils, acids and clean petroleum products.

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UACC Terminals

United Arab Chemical Carriers Terminals’ global terminal network provides safe, high-quality storage and distribution services for chemicals, clean petroleum products, gas, vegetable oils, biofuels and oleochemicals in key markets and hubs worldwide.



United Arab Chemical Carriers Gas was established in 2007 to invest in opportunities to ship and distribute liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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